Ve commodore water leaking inside car

If i need to find my car in a parking lot i just hit unlock and listen for the fuel cap release! Older Newer I've read people do this with metal caps but I only found plastic ones for my jeep online and at my auto store. heres the scenario: cruising along like normal, not thrashing the car. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. It’s only when the water drips on the inside of the car there’s an issue. However, looking over the Holden VE Commodore V6: potential fuel leak In January 2008, a recall was issued for VE Commodore vehicles fitted with 3. Water pumps should cost no more than $40-50. When you use your A/C, condensation builds up as well, and this usually goes down a drain. Dec 02, 2011 · Home Holden Commodore Related > VE Holden Commodore (2006 - 2013) > Water leaking in cabin!! Discussion in ' VE Holden Commodore (2006 - 2013) ' started by kizza50 , Dec 2, 2011 . discloses the types of information we gather, how it is used, and how you can gain access to and edit any data that we' ve collected about you at any time. We explained where  Then the water runs down inside the door card and enters the car and soaks into the carpet. any info as to what may have happened would be appreciated. Mar 11, 2007 · It is a single piece of metal, much like a car door, it is hollow, like a car door, and if water was to go inside a car door, it would come out the bottom of the car door through the holes renault put in the bottom of the doors for the water to drain through. The drain can be accessed from underneath the car and the mud dobbers nest poked out with a section of weed whipper string. VT Commodore leaking in drivers foot well water can enter the door and pool inside the door if the drainback holes are blocked and can leak into the car if the Jan 23, 2020 · Intake Manifold Leaks - Gasket Leaks Spell Trouble For Your Engine The most common leaks found in an engine are intake manifold leaks. Desertws6 During heavy rain water would leak into the front passenger's side footwell of my 2003 VY Holden Commodore sedan and it would also seep down into the back passenger's side footwell. no warning just instantly went up. The fact that it's leaking on to the floor makes it more likely to be a water pump or hose rather than a head gasket. A blocked aircon drip hose that can build water inside the unit, slosh and drip if enough water builds inside. I got this 2017 XLT with about 50000 miles in January that I’ve been trying to track down a water leak, thought I had it, then found it to still be around. So, how do you go about finding those leaks? Well, you’ll probably need an electronic leak detector such as we have here. pulled over, turned car off. I'm experiencing what I believe to be a rather regular problem with the VE's - water leak. I heard Holden spent a billion in R&D for this car in attempt to keep us onshore - you think they might have been able to Just out of curiosity what oil did you rub inside the inlets? 24 Jul 2019 The air conditioner has a drain plug that takes the condensation water out of the body if this plug is not working the water will end on the floor mat carpet in your car and it will start to smell wet on hot days. These actuators commonly fail on Series 1 vehicles and have been seen to fail on Series 2, however a revised unit is now being used. So, as soon as the transmission cooler lines at the radiator of your car are starting to leak, you should immediately take necessary steps to prevent a further issue from arising. If you're topping it up every time you're using the car then it's serious. Below it is a hole in the firewall about the size of a 10 cent piece. If the drain pan or tube, or both, are dirty, fluid could be forced into your cabin. You will also see a red cable going through a grommet, seal that just for good measure. . Leaks Into the Trunk A foul, moldy smell in the trunk may result from water getting in around the taillights or the trunk lid. The water comes back in my car through where the clutch pedal mounts to the firewall. Green fluid leaking from your car is most likely an antifreeze leak. now. But leaks in cars are trickier to find than those in a building. This is a common problem. We have released a video review on the car and even covered the common faults that relate to the V6 Commodore timing chain. Jan 03, 2016 · Because water can get past window seals and inside the doors when it rains or when you wash your car, and the water is supposed to exit through drain holes at the bottom. May 31, b2aaa ve commodore fault code what does it mean. That aside, here in the US, in our state of Missouri, they change  25 Aug 2019 If you've noticed puddles on the floor mats, there is one explanation: you've got a leaking car. Some of the most common causes of a water leak are the exhaust, the cooling system, and the windscreen washer system. The carpet was soaked due to water leaking on the floor. Sadly, todays cars are out of my reach in technology and price. The fixes . Would you have any idea as to what would be wrong please Holden adventra lx8 passenger side water leak. May 05, 2020 · If it appears to be wet from coolant, you have a leak somewhere, possibly in your water pump, but other sources of leaking coolant could be radiator hoses, heater hoses, freeze plugs, gaskets, or the radiator itself. There are two causes of AC system leaks – age and moisture. If you've recently had glass replaced and that has coincided with a new . Our dealer replaced the front passenger's side door seal and this appeared to have resolved the problem, but recently water again leaked into the back passenger's I've a VE Calais (Tarted up Commo with a 195kW engine) With the Rattle-tec engine. its not in the sump either. May 08, 2020 · Put your car in neutral or park and then rev the engine. The water leak is more serious though. My mechanic has noticed that the coolant (changed about 8 months ago) is leaching from the hoses and from around the water pump. A leaking boot will usually result in water lying in the spare wheel or tool area. If you have a factory sunroof most have a water drain hose that runs over the headlining and down one of your pillars to under the car, it could be leaking inside. If you don't use the right antifreeze, leaks are more likely to occur. Jan 18, 2016 · The water pump will have to be installed properly in order for your engine to get the cooling that it needs. Firstly your engine light coming on will have nothing to do with your water leak (unless the engine overheated). Intake manifold gaskets are responsible for sealing the intake manifold against the cylinder head(s). And after a few days the car smells like damp water smell if you know what i mean i hope someone can tell me if they know the cause thanks. Check your boot (trunk) for water. The A/C condensation water drain pipe (or "tube") and rubber elbow cap are located in the engine bay on the firewall closer to the passenger side of the vehicle. Nov 19, 2015 · It takes years, though, so if your car isn’t that old or the system has been recharged recently and is now blowing warm air again, chances are good that you’ve got a leak somewhere. the car is using alot of water. If the coolant is not leaking fro there it will likely be your timing cover ( but this is unlikely) The water pump needs to come off anyway to do that. I've got wet carpet in the rear passengers side footwell. The inside door rubber has been  23 Aug 2013 The dealer put the car through their car wash and could not detect any leaks. has the car been running in stressed situations, ie heavy traffic? towing? extremely hot days? it does sound like the symptoms of Aug 31, 2007 · And i just had a water leak repaired satisfactorily, front driver-side under the dash. Antifreeze generally leaks from your vehicles water pump, hoses or radiator when fittings, hoses, clamps or other components have worn out or are not properly attached. The system cools the cabin by pulling humidity from the air, and that moisture needs a place to go! If there is a leak, and the inside of the car smells like coolant (a sickeningly sweet smell) when it gets warm, the heater core may have sprung a leak. Take all the carpets and soft items out to dry in the sunlight (but its winter) Park inside a garage and put a dehumidifier sitting on a front seat. Heater hoses and water pumps should be checked for possible leaks. Volkswagen is in a spat with German magazine Auto Bild over claims that its new, seventh-generation Golf may already need a recall. Nov 10, 2017 · Transmission cooler lines leaking at the radiator puts car owners in a distressing situation. If the weatherstrip on your car or truck door is worn it may be allowing the door on you vehicle to fill up with water. I’ve had water leak in through the firewall (I think) onto the passenger side floor below and near the blower. If there's water there the chances are that you have a boot seal which has perished or split. Car: vs commodore, vl commodore Trader Rating: ( 6 ) the drain tube is located under the carpet, lift up passenger side carpet at the very top, below the dash there, there should be a peice of mdf sitting there, take that out and walla theres a aluminium tube that goes inside yes inside of the chasis rail,good way of rusting out the chasis rail ay. Apr 18, 2014 · It sounds like there's water sloshing around inside the passenger door. This is due to clogged sunroof drains. May 16, 2019 · Today we find and fix the water leaking inside my car. Check the windshield for leaks and check the sunroof drain. Jun 05, 2018 · This video will show you how to drain water out of a car or truck door. Is this problem common with this model Commodore and have you any idea what might be causing the leaks? Here, we look at 6 reasons that moisture may be getting inside your car and collecting in the front passenger floor. Even if you have an older vehicle with the heater core outside the cabin, leaking fluid can still find its way into the cabin through the ventilation ducts. your radiator could be cracked. 5 Dec 2016 water leaking on a 2009 ve commodore. That just Holden updating the Commodore leak as the VE's used to leak onto the driver's floor from water getting in through the  2 Aug 2007 I REGULARLY find water puddling underneath the carpet on the driver's side front and rear in my VT Commodore wagon. This problem can be treated by repairing the condensation system. When I start the car it has a real airy sound and when I turn the car off the fans are still running. Hi I’ve recently flushed my coolant out and replaced with nulons long life. This will work over time to dry out your car’s cabin and reduce the chance of funky odors taking root. Is this a common area, and to the point, is there a common fix for this issue. Finally, the battery compartment got so wet and full of water (it's located inside the cabin, passenger side, behind the front passenger seat!) that it caused a driver warning light to come on, and the fix was to clean the corrosion off the battery terminals and half-ass wipe the water off the battery. Apr 28, 2015 · I have a vt commodore and im losing water but no sign of a leak - Answered by a verified AU Auto Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Finding water on the inside of a car is as unsettling as having a leak in your home. Carpet wont be replaced unless it has actually started to rot. Water drains across this hole and runs directly into your car! Same problem in my VE. The VE Commodore ranks as the most important new Holden since the original 48-215. Next, get some moisture-absorbent products, such as baking soda, that you can leave inside the car behind each of the seats. Granted, a little bit of water out of the exhaust is totally normal. In the pictures above, you'll see me pointing to the rubber elbow with a white metal clothes hanger that I straightened out. Hi, I recently bought a used 1999 Camry and yesterday after a day of heavy rains I found the passenger side carpet soaking wet with a small puddle of water on the rubber section of the floor mat on the same side. If you have a small mirror you should be able to confirm the leak from the water pump by looking under it. If this has been happening for awhile, rusty water marks may help you locate the source. I have some questions about water pump leaking and oil leaking…. Just exercise caution. fans were going ballistic. I have put in new seals, head bolts, oil and coolant. To narrow the search down, try to place the cardboard directly underneath the water pump itself. Make sure you Puddles or stains where the water usually pools on the floor or even inside of the door compartments. Water will come from your vents, or you may see dampness on the dashboard. On most new vehicles, the heater core is inside the cabin of the vehicle. There is a tube at each corner of the sunroof that runs water through the car a pillar, or c pillars and down to the ground. This makes the fan and the water pump work faster, which pulls more air and more water through your car’s radiator. During heavy rain or while driving at high speeds on a wet freeway, the rear passenger floor gets soaked. A random misfire is very common on these V6 engines (v8 no). Possibly the condensation drain in the A/C is plugged which is a common occurrance. Pull over and open the hood. Aug 24, 2019 · There are some cases where your air conditioner may accumulate water condensation. There's moisture inside your car which condenses on the cool glass. Our AU2 XR6 leaked in boot every time I lifted the bootlid got about a cup of water fall straight into boot area, I also thought it was the spolier, removed it silcon and new gaskets problem fixed ! NO WAY it wasnt spolier so car went back to Avoncity ford who said " these spoilers dont leak into boot its the number plate screws on to boot lid "" There are several reasons why a car’s AC can leak or drip water into the passenger compartment. After a couple days of driving, I had noticed a coolant leak, changed the water pump gaskets which looked fukt, but the leak is still there, it only leaks when it’s cold and not under pressure, seems like it is coming from behind the power steering pump and dripping down the water pump and flicking everywhere, the Jul 24, 2009 · I dealt with the leak as soon as I had realised the car had one, and yet I still managed to suck up about 10 litres of water! If you get the leak into the footwells the damage can be far worse on The VE commodore are great cars for Motor Mechanic's!! They keep us busy. ► Show Full Signature Don't mess with Binky Bear! A Long shot possibility is that one of the hoses or the heater tap has sprung a leak. The wet area was limited to the section closer to the door and near the footrest. It's where the thermostat housing is bolted to the block, and apparently isn't uncommon. If not it wont be, and probably not recommended anyway, as the interior has to be gutted to remove a full carpet. The German weekly reports that new Golfs can leak water into Dec 15, 2016 · What happens if a coolant is leaking from the bottom of the engine? It means you have a problem and luckily, you have had warning, unlike a tire blowing out. If water has ever spilled on you from inside your car, it's probably from your HVAC. First it’s important to understand that water dripping from under the car when the A/C is on is normal. Alternatively, water may leak into the front passenger foot well due to drain tubes cracking at the air box. I have had the carpet up and can't see where the leak is coming from. Sep 03, 2016 · Holden VE Commodore Common Problems Over the years, we have addressed the VE Commodore a couple of times in our various forms of marketing. Car A/C systems are actually designed to allow water to drain out of your vehicle. Jan 26, 2019 · However, for a car with a severe leak they will obviously offer some extra protection. It may be a perished seal, or if the car has had any frontal impact, a split seam. The car is over heating and temperature gauge rises after 5mins. I am tired of having my car, Chevy Impala 2007 to the auto shop 5 times in one month and I paid for these repairs nearly $1,700 to replacement parts and replacement oil fluids and other fluids. before you go rushing out into all this i'd be checking all the hoses are in good nick and the heater tap isnt corroded out. Feb 05, 2010 · Remember a moonroof is basically a controlled water leak. Not overly sure but I think it may be leaking through the area in and around the scuff plate. The VE Commodore was well received in the Australian market, where it had consistently outsold rivals in the large car segment. In most vehicles, an accumulation of water or coolant on the front passenger floor is a common problem. If there’s a lot of back-flow, your carpets could get wet too. The air conditioning system of your car is the most common source of water leak. any Aug 29, 2014 · Replace the water pump and you should be fine. Here's one for the Commodore and cooling techs: 96 VS Commode, usual creep of the temp gauge at traffic lights, have drained radiator via bottom pipe and get probably a couple of litres fluid come out. This should have a grommet in it, if it is missing THIS IS THE SOURCE OF YOUR PROBLEM. If you see a clear and odorless fluid under your car, then it’s possibly just water from your car’s AC system. If you have water leaking into your car, it's a good possibility there is a simple fix. I took my car for it's first service (2 months ago) and the dealer told me it is a known and common issue with the VE and that the part is on order and they will let me know when it arrives. Intake manifold gaskets can be made of paper, rubber, metal, and sometimes a combination of the three. Make sure that the condensation system can work properly with the right temperature and system. Jul 27, 2008 · If the heater core has developed a leak, odds are your radiator may be in similiar condition as they are made from the same materials and are of similiar design. I've got a minor coolant leak at the back of the block on my VE with an Alloytec. But if it gets clogged then you might have a problem. Back to the drawing board. It happens every time it rains and my floor inside my car gets soaking wet. I think I finally worked out where its coming from but I can't post pics! It's driver side. Edit 11/13 : Upon further inspection, it appears that the O-Ring is on the inside of the schrader valve cap. Sep 09, 2013 · Holden Commodore: Hi,Got a 06 VZ which has been full of dramas - Answered by a verified AU Auto Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The water runs down the windscreen and under the plastic. Mar 22, 2020 · If you determine that water is leaking into the bottom of the windshield, there is no need to go any higher with the water test until after you've fixed this first low leak. Excessive water on your unit may cause some bad odors in your car. It cost a billion dollars to develop but the VE Commodore saved Australia's longest-serving car-maker from oblivion. If you lift up carpet just in front of the seat there is a round cut out in the body work. :confused: Hello So every winter I put up with a water leak in my 06 ss. temp gauge flys off the chart past the red mark. My 1996 VS Commodore had a water leak problem in the boot, turned out to be the window seals on the rear Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ve WM VF WN Coolant Overflow Bottle Holden Commodore Statesman 92164620 at the best online prices at eBay! The front-wheel drive Mitsubishi 380 also indirectly competed with the Holden Commodore, but was discontinued with the 2008 closure of the Mitsubishi Motors Australia plant in Tonsley Park, South Australia. flick key on 2 minutes later and temp is back to normal. The first step is to find the point of entry, once you know where the water is entering the vehicle, you can start to plan the repair. If there is an issue with your car’s water pump, here are a few of the things that you will probably notice: There is coolant leaking from around where the water pump is mounted; The car is overheating; The car will not start A leaking heater core usually will cause a much more annoying leak. I'd suspect the water pump first but only you can tell where the water is dripping from. I pretty much use Nulon for everything – so naturally, I replaced the AC-Delco garbage with Nulon RED, as it is directly compatible. Check to see whether the liquid collecting in the car is antifreeze or water (Don't taste it! Oct 18, 2018 · I found a puddle of water on the floor and my car is soaked. It must be a crack in a hose or something as this is very hard to find. Apr 27, 2018 · Most common causes of water leaking from under a car. Aug 01, 2019 · Ditch the air freshener and target areas that might still feel wet with a blow dryer. Hi guys my Aircon is leaking water from under the dash board and leaks onto the carpet as i cant work it out. This next tutorial is going to be showing you how to take care of a problem that is very common amongst drivers. 6-litre V6 petrol engines as one of the fuel lines in the engine compartment could rub against a fuel vapour hose clip. In this video, I will show you step by step Water leaking from under the car can be normal, especially on hot days when you’ve been cranking the A/C at full blast. the brown thick mixture could be the muck inside your radiator. The leak isn't that bad – mechanic said the system isn't showing any pressure loss, but there is definitely a leak (fluid running down over the transmission housing). Then it is a matter of fine tuning and getting the leak fixed. This is a transmitter (right) that goes inside the There is a bulletin on VE water leaks. Cars have lots of hidden pipe work and virtually every wall is an outside one. Rust going  This is applicable to both the front windshield and rear window – If the rubber surround dries out and cracks, or shrinks, or is fitted incorrectly, water will come into the car. May 30, 2020 · The extra condensation travels to the pan and is then expelled from underneath your vehicle. The car had been sitting all day since I drove it to work and was out in the rain for several hours Water leaks to the inside of the car can be dangerous! You’ve got to remember that mold and mildew in a confined space like the inside of a car can be very dangerous. Water may leak through the firewall and a join in the plenum chamber, causing damp or mouldy carpets. Mine also leaks in at the base of the A Pillar through the gap between the A Pillar and the quarter panel. In any event, something is leaking, and should not be overlooked. the sky rocketing temp coud be the engine running bone dry. During 2006 when the broad-shouldered VE was announced, Holden’s parent company General Motors was in dire financial trouble and less than three Hi I have a 2006 ve Holden commodore. Untill you can get the car to your mechanic to have the heater core replaced, you can for the time being bypass teh core to stop it from leaking. For most people it just flows into the engine bay. I get this if I take my landrover through a river crossing. Ever since i bought the SV6 the washer bottle has always been empty because of a leak. Along with CO 2, H 2 O is a naturally-occurring byproduct of an engine’s combustion process. Open the moonroof and inspect the drain hole where the water is accumulating> You can take compressed air and blow it into the whole and hopefully you will feel it blowing out the bottom of the car or doors where the drain ends. Sep 04, 2016 · This guide will show you how to replace an air conditioner actuator on a VE Commodore. I still have some leaking. Subaru models equipped with a sunroof are great for enjoying more of the outdoors, but what if it's leaking? 18 Jun 2019 In spite of that, I've been told a very good one. This increased circulation cools down the engine. the rain water can leak inside. ve commodore water leaking inside car

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